ECA 2015 - EVENT

Mining Business & Investment Conference 2015

Date : 15 - 16 October, 2015

Venue: Safari park hotel, Nairobi, Kenya

Harnessing potential mining investment in
 Eastern Africa

The Mining Business and Investment Eastern Africa Conference (MBI) is an annual event that is held under the auspices of Prescon Limited with the support of the East African Community. Now in its 5th year, the MBI has quickly earned recognition as the ONLY platform in Eastern Africa that holistically captures the trends in the mining industry and seeks to tackle the challenges faced in the industry regionally. The MBI conference aims to harness the mining potential in Eastern Africa by attracting both local and foreign investors to the region. This is accomplished by facilitating discussions that stimulate industry growth and address critical issues. The conference program encompasses themes such as scal matters, policy and legislation, mining investment, mining technology, infrastructure and mining services. The comprehensive representation of the mining fraternity and the business connections fostered through the Mining Business and Investment Conference has resulted in the event attracting over 5000 delegates and 500 companies so far; in eect opening up the Eastern Africa region to investment.

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Why Invest in MBI ?

Once considered negligible, the extractives industry in Eastern Africa has gained attention in the last decade due to the notable discoveries of oil, gas and minerals that have been made. Opinion leaders all over the world over have recognized the potential inherent in these developments and predicted economic transformation based on them. Consequently, prominent companies have ventured into the region and made signicant investments into the sector. This being a dynaic industry with potential for huge gains, investors, suppliers and business executives require plenty of accurate information and contacts to ensure prosperity. The Mining Business and Investment Conference oers an avenue for these needs to be met.

Why is the Eastern Africa Region Exciting ?

• Companies have recently discovered signicant mineral deposits in the region.
• Numerous exploration activities are on-going with expectations for substantial nds.
• Governments in the region have taken initiative to put in place legislation that will enable protable exploitation of the esources.
• Analysts predict continued economic and infrastructural growth in the region that will ease business processes.

Why Should You Participate ?

• Participants stand to gain an unequaled wealth of knowledge from the subject matter experts who will present and lead panel discussions.
• The MBI program is tailored to the local market, making it a valuable tool for market intelligence.
• MBI oers a unique networking platform for individuals interested in the mining sector.
• The forum is an excellent platform for companies to showcase their capabilities to their target markets.

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Mining, Business and Investment conference provides; 


Mining Business & Investment Eastern Africa platform provides opportunities for stakeholder companies to achieve a combination of explicit objectives within the mining industry such as; Lead generation by:

• Allowing companies to meet multiple prospects in a neutral, unbiased setting.
• Company’s business development teams establish direct, face-to face contact with the most signicant decision makers within the global mining fraternity.
• Signicantly increase your ability to form corporate relationships within this market.

Branding and positioning by:

• Creating visibility as leading products and service provider for the mining industry.
• Recognition as a market leader through exclusive logo presence during the pre-event marketing campaigns, and the targeted promotion of your experience and expertise in the market.

Demonstrating company credibility by:

• Creating visibility within an industry market that is aware and active, by ecient and eective networking.
• Enjoy powerful, positive independent endorsement through your association with the high quality agenda and speaking faculty.
• Deliver a strong commercial message and present your business case by placing your company on target client shortlists.

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